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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Renewal

  • When renewing I received one of the following messages. What do they mean?
    • Vehicle Registration Is Suspended
    • Vehicle Has Been Dismantled
    • Registration Has Been Transferred
    • Vehicle Is Title Purpose Only
    • Vehicle Has Been expired For More Than One Year
    • Reg Only and Renewal are Stopped Due to Title Suspense
    • Account Has A Balance Due
    • Stop Process on Account
    • Not Eligible for 'x' year(s) renewal
    • Vehicle Has Not Been Assessed. Please contact your county assessor
    • Property Taxes Have Not Been Paid. Please contact your county collector
    • Registration Has Been Transferred has been changed to License plate is not active
    • Valid Insurance information not found for this vehicle

    You are not eligible to renew online and will have to visit or contact your local Revenue Office.

  • What do I need to renew my registration online? You will need your Renewal Reminder with the Renewal Identification Number and the Verification Code. If you do not have the Renewal Reminder you can renew your registration with the Last 4 Digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), License Plate Number and Zip Code. You will need a valid credit card or electronic check information for payment.
  • What If I did not receive a Renewal Notice in the mail? You can renew your registration with the Last 4 Digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), License Plate Number and Zip Code. When renewing ensure that your address is up to date for the Registration Renewal.
  • Who is not eligible to use the STAR Online Renewal?
    • Trucks registered at 1 ton and larger.
    • Trailers
    • Boats
    • Special license plates that have additional documentary requirements:
      • Justice of the Peace Plates
      • Fire Fighter Plates
      • Search and Rescue Plates
      • Civil Air Patrol Plates
  • What is the system availability schedule? STAR is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • How long will it take to process my renewal? Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for mail delivery of your decal(s).
  • Where would I find my VIN? In most vehicles the VIN is located on the dashboard or on your vehicle registration document.
  • Do I have to have valid liability insurance, current year assessment and personal property taxes paid for the current year? Yes, before renewing your vehicle license plate, you are required by Arkansas Law to maintain liability insurance, assess your vehicle with your county assessor and pay all personal property taxes you owe.
  • Can I renew more than 1 vehicle at a time? Yes, you can renew multiple vehicles at one time as long as they are within the 90 day renewal period.
  • When renewing I received a "Cannot Renew Before 90 Days of Prior Expiration Date" message. What does this mean? You are not eligible to renew online before 90 days of the renewal expiration.
  • When renewing I received an "Invalid Vehicle Type" message. What does this mean? The vehicle information you are entering is invalid or the vehicle you are trying to renew cannot be renewed online.
  • What is the Affidavit of Non Use agreement appearing on my Renewal? If your vehicle license plate has expired you are charged a late fee penalty. If you have not driven the vehicle during the lapsed renewal time you have the option to agree to the "Affidavit of Non-use" and the late fee penalty will be revoked.
  • Can I renew my registration online and pick up my decal at my local DMV office or do they have to be mailed to me? If renewing online the decal will have to be mailed to your mailing address.
  • When I click "Get Started" from the main menu, there is no search box to find my vehicle OR I see a message that says "You must enable javascript to use this system." Make sure your browser has Javascript enabled. See for help with turning on Javascript.


Address Changes

  • If I update my Renewal Address online will it update the mailing address for my renewal? Yes
  • How long does it take to process an address change? The address will be updated immediately.



  • Is there an additional cost to renew my registration online? There is no additional charge to use STAR to renew your vehicle registration.
  • Can I use my receipt as proof of current registration until I receive my decal(s) in the mail? Yes, your receipt can be used as proof of current registration until you receive your decal(s) in the mail.
  • Can I make a partial payment? No, amount due must be paid in full.



  • When will I receive my registration renewal reminder email or text messages I have signed up for? You will receive a pre-renewal notice 90 days prior to the Renewal due date and a renewal notice 7 days later.
  • If I sign up for email and text message Renewal Reminders will I still receive a Renewal notice via postage mail?
    1. Email: You will only receive a Renewal Reminder(s) via postage mail if our records indicate that the vehicle license plate will expire within seven (7) days.
    2. Text message: You will receive a Renewal Reminder(s) via postage mail.
  • What if I no longer want to receive Renewal Reminder emails and text messages? You will need to login to the Renewal Reminder page and remove the email address(es) and phone number(s) that you would no longer like to use to receive the Renewal Reminder messages.
  • Will I be charged to receive the Renewal Reminder via text on my cell phone? It depends on the phone rate plan you have whether your provider charges you for receiving the text message. You will need to check with your phone provider if you are not sure how your plan works for text messaging.


Telephone Assistance

  • For questions about your vehicle registration, please call the Department of Finance and Administration helpdesk at 1-888-389-8336. Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM.
  • For technical questions about this website, please call 1-501-682-1493.


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