Renewal Reminders

You may sign up for renewal reminders via text message or email. To view or change your reminders, sign in using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will receive a pre-renewal notice 90 days prior to the Renewal due date and a renewal notice 7 days later.
  1. Email: You will only receive a Renewal Reminder(s) via postage mail if our records indicate that the vehicle license plate will expire within seven (7) days.
  2. Text message: You will receive a Renewal Reminder(s) via postage mail.
You will need to login to the Renewal Reminder page and remove the email address(es) and phone number(s) that you would no longer like to use to receive the Renewal Reminder messages.
It depends on the phone rate plan you have whether your provider charges you for receiving the text message. You will need to check with your phone provider if you are not sure how your plan works for text messaging.
A drivers license and full name is required to verify the reminders associated to your account.
No, Online Renewal Reminder notifications are only available for your Renewal Registration and not for your driver’s license renewals.

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